GVSU Is An Instagram Powerhouse In Michigan

Grand Valley State students support their football team

Grand Valley State University may not be the largest university in Michigan in terms of enrollment, but it sure is when it comes to social media presence.

School pride is something that the GVSU Lakers do not take lightly. The students have done their part to make their school the most instagrammed school in the state of Michigan.

In 2019, AT&T released a report that revealed that Grand Valley State University had become the most hash-tagged school in Michigan. The Division-2 university beat out larger Division-1 schools like Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.

AT&T’s Most Instagrammed Colleges

With other schools in the state having much larger enrollment, it is reasonable to wonder how GVSU managed to top the Instagram hashtag rankings across their home state.

GVSU student Ayron Rutan stated, “I think the atmosphere makes GV a very photogenic place.” Rutan described some of the environment, “We have lots of surrounding nature that weaves in and out of campus. And I can’t forget to mention the beautiful architecture that makes up the buildings on campus.”

GVSU’s Allendale Campus

Another GVSU Student, Bobby Novak shared similar feelings, “I think our little landmarks are things that attract great photos. While the Little Mac Bridge and other landmarks are picture worthy, the beautiful fall weather in West Michigan also plays a major factor. Aside from the environment, we also have many inclusive events that draw thousands of students that share their enjoyment.”

Students at Grand Valley State University seem to have a deep connection with the area that they attend school in. To these students, the institution is more than just a school. Some of these students interpret their campus as a mode of expression.

GVSU Students at Student Life Night

Not only do current Grand Valley State students have admiration for their campus, former students do as well. Former GVSU student Jacob Nerio stated, “I can definitely see why GVSU would be the most hash-tagged university in Michigan. During my time at Grand Valley, my friends and I would hang around the art centers to admire the art and sculptures and to take pictures.”

While some people can be considered photogenic, the students at Grand Valley State University view their campus as being photogenic. The Lakers’ use of social media on their campus has propelled them to being the most posted about University in their state. With the GVSU football team’s season just now starting, the students’ school spirit will not be expected to stop soon.

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